Happy Holidays


dbHistoric 1

Hi guys A while back I created an Open Source project called dbHistoric which intends to be a monitoring and statistics tool for database. I will capture the status of database systems at certain times of the days(given intervals) and then one can draw reports on them. Currently I’m looking for guys that can help ...

Traffic Officer in Mpumalanga 2

Hi guys, something totally off-topic. Took this photo near Pilgrims Rest in Mpumalanga(i think) in South Africa. Just so cool … hehe

AJAX Magic

I cannot wait to write a full blown article concerning AJAX methodologies. The last week I’ve been intensely developing in AJAX, it is the best thing for internet since … mmm I cannot believe this technology has always been sitting there, and no-one using it.

New Blog added

I’ve added a new links sections on the right hand side, for all links to other blogs. My first link is to Piku’s PHP Blog, this blog contains the newest news in the PHP realm and also some nifty code snippets, be sure to check our this site.

Template engines

Today I started on a private project with one of my friends, where we are looking at creating a fitness and healthstyle website, and this time around I wanted to design a very robust, hack-safe website which will keep you going for a few years. I’ve evaluated some of the FREE templating system available under ...

Amazing offering at Excellent price

 Amazing offering at Excellent price
Well, as you all know, I’m reselling web hosting, well, the company I’m reselling for have upgraded their packages to offer you event more that usual. They now offer you 15 Gig of disk space and 300 Gig of Transfers which is more than enough for any normal-large sized website with a average of 100 ...

Commenting your code

I was just wondering about commenting of code lately, how do you guys comment your code. When I started to program everybody always told me to comment almost every little step, like // open file fhandle = fopen() ; // read line-per-line of the file until eof while(!feof(fhandle)) { } Anyways, lately I’ve become lazy ...