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It has been quite some time since I’ve posted anything on my blog. I’ve seen these types of posts on blogs quite a lot. Are blogs dead … most probably – still like sharing some findings and technical help and tips for the guys that just might need it.writing-pads-250x250

In the last 1.5 years since my last posts I’ve been working on quite a lot of exciting projects and new technology products(for me at least). I’ve mainly been getting much closer to the theory behind Solution- and Enterprise Architecture. But most importantly to keep the geek alive inside – I also got closer to Oracle databases, Ab Initio,datacentre infrastructure and many more.

In between I am studying towards my B.Sc Informatics through UNISA, which I’m happy to report that I am past halfway, and sitting on 20 of the 30 modules required. I am finding the degree quite exciting as I work with Information Business  Systems each day, all content is very relevant to what I do each day.

In my personal life, it is getting busier as the kids are getting older, and it is hard to find “free” weekends to stay at home with school and club sport events of the kids. Very proud of my 2 boys growing up so fast. My wife and kids always will always take priority over all other activities that needs to be balanced.

I hope to start sharing my experiences on my blog more regularly of things I learn through my dealings with enterprise systems, processes and the people using them. The theme will probably be moving a bit away from the normal technical topics in the past to more architect and design aspects.

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