It was just a simple feature

I spent the majority of my days in front of my screen, working in an open office and not having the convenience of my own office(yet 🙂 ). So most of my days I use earphones and music to get the days by.

I am deaf in my right. I had to find  a software package that will work for me to listen to music. After some testing and searching I found VLC Media Player. The main reason I was happy with VLC was :

  • Supports a vast variety of audio and video formats without any hassles; and most importantly
  • Supports stereo or mono output of audio, which was ideal for me binding both left and right channels into a single output.

As you can imagine it gets quite frustrating only hearing half of something happening in a movie, as some of the sounds are suppose to come from the right channel. Sometimes I will watch a video clip and feel my right ear vibrating but not hearing anything. With VLC’s feature you could quickly change the output of the audio to mono and you can hear all channels in one output.


Today I updated VLC media player to 2.1.3, and to my great disappointment this simple, but very useful feature(for me) has been changed, and I can’t find this feature anymore, even in advanced preferences.



I do have an alternative, go the hardware route and get a stereo to mono adapter for my earphones, to not be reliant on any software.

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