Rhino poaching escalating 2

Before I’ve mentioned that rhinos were poached from Krugersdorp Game Reserve, and the tragic has only continued since then.

Anti rhino poaching campaigns and tasks teams have been set up to curb this unnecessary killing of these majestic animals.

Here is a very informative infographic found on coolinfographics.com (via Earth-Touch.com ).


2 thoughts on “Rhino poaching escalating

  1. Reply Natalie Jul 20,2011 18:27

    Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUGtrLB_k_U These guys are attempting to collect hair and nails in order to help save our rhinos…

  2. Reply Arné Jul 20,2011 20:18

    @Natalie, thanks – gr8 video and initiative ! Definite worth a share on other social networks.

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