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Today is a public holiday in South Africa called “Reconciliation Day“, which means a whole day of doing almost nothing.


Reconciliation Day is a public holiday in South Africa held annually on 16 December.  The intention is to foster reconciliation and national unity.  The holiday came into effect in 1994 after the end of Apartheid.

Before 1994, when the South African government changed the holiday to reconciliation day it was called “Day of the Vow” which was not an Apartheid holiday but an Afrikaans religious holiday.

In 1838, the Afrikaans Trekker commando bound future descendants to a vow to God to commemorate the day as a religious holiday, taking the day as a sabbath day and remembering this day where the Trekkers won the battle against the Zulus at Blood River.

In my family we still take the 16th as a sabbath but also believe in the morals and believes in the Reconsiliation Day that was brought to the forelight, but we won’t forget the past.

Source : Day of the Vow

Source : Day of Reconciliation

Here is an awesome site with a 360 degree view of the Voortrekker Monument.

Voortrekker Monument

360 degrees view of the Voortrekker Monument

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    Good post, it is a story of biblical proportions that teaches that God does make covenants with people.

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