Creating a PHP BPM solution (Open Source) 9

One of the things that I’m looking for is a open source PHP/Java(IDE) application which can handle BPM(intelligent workflow) and numerous other features.

Currently most BPM products out there run on Java etc., and I’m sure that it would be a great advantage to get such a solution up and running.

I have already started working on a very dynamic workflow model, although it currently just handles workflow and no process and business intelligence and everything must still be manually included into the database.

If one could create a PHP-based application server, that reads everything from a database system that would also be a nice feature.

If anybody is interested in such a project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Maybe we can build on already existing workflow frameworks etc. and give more intelligence etc.

I will post more about these ideas later..

9 thoughts on “Creating a PHP BPM solution (Open Source)

  1. Reply mkhadem Dec 10,2008 08:04

    I’m ready, but we need speed!

  2. Reply jaibeee Dec 17,2008 00:10


    I am currently looking to create a BPM solution for a project I am working on for work. I start today and will be developing with the CakePHP framework.

    Let me know how your development is going, maybe we can learn a thing or two from each other.


  3. Reply Peto Jan 8,2009 18:15

    Hi! I was thinking about making a php bmps, I’ve used only a bit of php, but I like it (specially license costs!) and I would like to learn more. Now I’m using a suite of bmps and it’s… bad! so I would like to do something better. I’ve experience programming JAVA and .NET, and I think this project is very interesting. I’ve not a lot of time to spent, but some crazy computer nights. Have you looked for similar things on the Net? Please contact me!

  4. Reply Arné Jan 13,2009 09:11

    This idea arose almost 3 years ago, and since then I’ve had no time to actually look at this again.

    I’m glad to see some interest in it. What I’ve seen lately is some commercial products using PHP for implementing BPM processes. I’ve also seen quite alot of guys doing basic workflow(not intelligent) applications for doing this.

    Sadly, I don’t have any time to create this framework anymore, but I will check my archives and see what I’ve found in the past 2 years that might help abit. Will keep you posted as soon as possible.

  5. Reply Tan-Tan Oct 14,2009 12:08

    I try to release a PHP WSDL BPEL engine, base on PHP CLI application server.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Reply Arné Oct 16,2009 07:14

    gr8 – will have a look thanks for the link, gr8 to see someone going full steam at it

  7. Reply Arné Oct 16,2009 07:30

    cool – I sent you a mail to join your project.

  8. Reply Adnan May 11,2012 00:10


    So is anything ready yet?

  9. Reply Arné May 22,2012 19:30

    Unfortunately I myself have not been able to get to this project at all, and have left the ezerphp project, mainly because of my current work and personal life.

    Hopefully one day I’ll manage to get some time to get involved in this again.

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